One-on-One Yoga

In a yoga one-on-one session the focus is on your individual goals. This personalized yoga is for all levels; for beginners and for advanced students.

What happens during a One-on-One Yoga session?

We start a one-on-one session with a consultation about your desires and individual goals. A one-on-one yoga session begins by focusing upon yoga postures (asanas) that are suited to your current state of health and level of fitness. You also learn and practice techniques to calm your mind, de-stress, and unwind. You will receive a personalized yoga plan, so that after several sessions you feel confident to practice at home and to design your own practice. That way, you’re prepared to have a life-long love affair with yoga.

Benefits of One-on-One Yoga

One-on-one yoga is beneficial for everyone. Imagine having a yoga routine that is designed specifically for you. You will feel more energized and calm. This is a wonderful investment in your physical, spiritual, and mental health.

Some of the benefits of a private yoga session are:

  • The sessions are personalized, according to your goals, at your own pace and at a time convenient for you.
  • One-on-one yoga can be beneficial for people who want to advance their yoga practice or for those with specific health issues.
  • Each session helps you build strength, become more flexible, feel energized, unwind and relax, and find a sense of peace.
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