Balance Your Mind

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools for restoring balance to our mind and body.

In meditation, you experience a state of restful awareness in which your body is resting deeply while your mind is awake though quiet. In the silence of awareness, the mind lets go of old patterns of thinking and feeling and learns to heal itself.

Scientific research on meditation is accelerating with the growing awareness of meditation’s numerous benefits, including a decrease in hypertension, heart disease, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and addictive behaviors.

A groundbreaking study by Massachusetts General Hospital found that as little as eight weeks of meditation not only helped people feel calmer but also produced changes in various areas of the brain, including growth in the areas associated with memory, empathy, sense of self, and stress regulation.

Meditation brings us home to the peace of present moment awareness and gives us an experience of profound relaxation that reduces fatigue and long-standing stresses. The most powerful benefits of meditation come from having a regular, daily practice.

As a certified Primordial Sound Meditation teacher, I can teach you a mantra-based meditation practice that is easy to learn. You can receive instruction in Primordial Sound Meditation and your personal mantra any time by contacting me for an appointment.

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