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Dedicated to guiding you through your healing potential.

Christine Hatheway is committed to living a balanced lifestyle and continues her own journey to wellness through her regular practice of Ayurveda, yoga and meditation. She is dedicated to guiding others through their healing potentials, helping them design a life full of joy, balance and prosperity. Studying with Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar, David Frawley, Davidji, and Claire Diab has given her a deep understanding of how powerful Ayurveda, yoga and meditation can be as tools for healing physically and emotionally.

As a Certified Chopra Vedic Educator in these three modalities, Christine shares her expertise and training through a complete range of one-to-one consultations, classes, workshops and educational events for every skill level. Avitta was built out of the desire to bring the best life possible to anyone willing to learn. Through Avitta, Christine teaches bilingual courses as well as private corporate programs in Atlantic Canada. She introduces people to the physical, psychological and emotional benefits of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda and renews the connection between the body, mind, and spirit. Her approachable and soothing style ensures that everyone is comfortable, feels supported and leaves enriched by the experience.

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